Monday, February 18, 2008

Lifting of the Veil

How Did it Start?

In the not so distant past, marriages were arranged, sometimes before a person was born. The groom did not see his bride until after they were pronounced Man & Wife. The veil hid the bride's face from view. This was how Jacob was tricked into marrying Leah instead of Rachel in the book of Genesis.

Symbol of Innocence

The veil is the one thing a second time bride is suppose to relinquish since it is a symbol of innocence, not the white dress. Many second time brides will wear the veil but do not cover the face.

Two Traditions

Many brides prefer to give their father the honor of lifting the veil. The bride comes down the aisle with her father with the veil covering her face. At the front of the church the minister asks, “Who gives this woman?” The father says, “I do,” lifts her veil, and gives her a kiss before taking his seat.

The second tradition is to keep the face covered until the kiss. The minister says, “You may kiss the bride,” The bride turns to her maid-of-honor and hands her the bouquet. The maid-of–honor lifts the veil. The bride turns back to her new husband for the kiss. The minister introduces the new Mr. and Mrs. ________ to the congregation. The music starts and they then proceed out of the church. This can be a very dramatic conclusion to the ceremony.