Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I've been tagged by the adorable Style-ish.

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My 6 random facts about Millie:

1) My mother started Bridal Fashion by Millie in 2007.
2) Millie is named after my grandmother, Mildred Shrum.
3) All of the gowns are named after special women in my mom's life.
4) There are 10 gowns in the collection.
5) A Millie gown only costs between $500 and $700.
6) You can purchase a Millie gown on the Internet.

I tag:
1) Creature Comforts
2) Peonies and Polaroids
3) Black Eiffel
4) Perfect Bound
5) Style me Pretty
6) Blue Orchid Designs

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perfect bound said...

thanks so much for your tag! it's been a while. I will have to dig up somthing creative. thanks!