Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wedding Bee

What a great blog for brides!!! Your own little "Beehive" where brides can "Buzz" all they want with other "Buzzing Bees". Mrs. Bee (the founder) was definitely on to something when she was getting married and created this "Buziful Blog". If you want ideas and other bride's opinions, this is a great site! (How's that for linkage? Ha!)

I'm quickly discovering that the posts on wedding dresses are the most popular. Last night, a guest blogger did a great post asking for some help on finding her wedding gown. I couldn't believe the response she got. So many opinions! How in the world is she going to decide?

My mom often talks about brides in her shop and how quickly they can get confused (I have witnessed several "Confusearilla Brides"). It really is a tough choice for brides these days. So many gorgeous gowns...and of course, you want to try them ALL on! "BIG mistake, HUGE!" (Pretty Woman). I know it's so tempting to try every last wedding gown on, but this will be a step in the wrong direction...Trust me!! It will only make you more confused.

Here are a few quick tips to help you decide on your wedding gown:

  1. Look at bridal magazines and on the internet to get ideas of current styles that you love.

  2. Remember, not every style you love is going to flatter your body shape, so go for what you feel and look the best in. Trust your intuition- it's okay to ask others for their opinions, but how you feel in the gown is more important than what anyone else thinks.

  3. A well-constructed gown will flatter your body and will not require a long-line bra or extra crinoline. Be wary of knock-offs....You get what you pay for.

  4. Find a good seamstress that is experienced in bridal alterations.

  5. Once you've bought your gown, stop looking!!

If you have more questions and want to ask Millie for some more advice about your wedding gown, please feel free to leave a comment.

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