Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Wedding Gown with Confidence

I saw this commercial on Sunday during the Academy Awards and loved it! I realize it's an American Express commercial but couldn't help relating to the designer, Diane Von Furstenberg. It's wonderful watching a bride try on a Millie wedding gown and seeing her face light up- knowing that the feel and fit of that dress is fulfilling her dream of being happy and beautiful. There is something to be said about self confidence. I agree, self confidence should come from within. But isn't it true when you find that one piece of clothing that fits you perfectly....does it not make you feel like a Supermodel??

I loved my wedding gown, but it didn't fit great (this was before my mom started designing). When my sister got married, six months after me (my poor parents!), I remember being envious of my sister's gown. It wasn't a dress that would have looked good on me, but it fit her like a glove.... and she knew it. My sister is gorgeous anyway, but that day she looked like she stepped straight out of Brides Magazine. It wasn't because of the makeup, jewelry, or hair. It wasn't because of the actual dress. It was because of the way the dress made her feel. When something fits good, it makes you feel good.

I could get so much deeper on this topic. Of course, you're already going to feel wonderful because you're marrying the man of your dreams. And of course, that should be where your self confidence comes from on the day you get married. I get that 100%. But I will be the first to admit, when I look good, I feel that much better. Call it whatever you want.....I just call it how I feel it.

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