Monday, March 31, 2008

Wedding Shells

I went to Busch Gardens last week and fell in love with this chandelier I found in one of the little shops in the French village of Aquitaine (if you want a taste of Europe but don't have the time or money, check out Busch Gardens, Williamsburg). The guy let me take a quick picture, but he didn't know what kind of shells they were (it wasn't for sale). They were very thin shells and reflected the light so beautifully.....I'm sure they're super expensive, but I must find them!!

I could so see some Avant-garde dress with a skirt made out of these shells......Soooo cool but impractical of course.....But maybe some sort of embellishment?.....Straps? Ooooooh.....How cool would that be for a destination wedding dress?????


Kathryn said...

Are they capiz shells? Beautiful chandelier!

Designing MILLIE said...

Yes! They are capiz shells!!! Love love love!!!!