Monday, March 17, 2008

Which Bride Wears it Best?

My Sunday morning ritual is to get the paper and read the wedding page first. I love that the Richmond Times-Dispatch still does HUGE wedding & engagement announcements (where they list every little detail....back in Colorado they don't do this anymore). So when I opened my paper yesterday, I was surprised to see the first three brides all wore a Mantilla veil. Hmmm...interesting??? Only Bride # 2 mentioned that her veil was worn by two of her aunts, also from Richmond. I'm wondering about Bride number 1 and 3??

My mother wore a Mantilla veil, which was extremely popular in the '60's. Are they making a comeback? I love the sentiment of wearing your mother's veil (or a family member's). I would think this would be a lot easier than trying to wear their dress...One size fits all? Right? The only problem is.......this type of veil doesn't go with every gown. You would definitely have to go with a simple gown or one with only lace.

So I ask you- Which bride do you think wears it best? Bride number 1, 2, or 3?


Anonymous said...

I'd have to say that I'm not a huge fan of this type of veil, but bride #3 is the freshest!

Anonymous said...

My mom wore a mantilla when she got married in the Phillippines. Waaay back in 1964.

Jeannie Matthews

Anonymous said...

Bride #1. She's also wearing it the way it's supposed to be worn. So many brides are wearing it way toward the back of their head which isn't customary. It doesn't seem to overwhelm and take center stage like it has on Bride #2. Do agree that #3 has a nice spin, but I'm distracted by her flowers. Also agree with you Millie that the mantilla should to with a simple gown or a gown with a lace. I went with the latter on my wedding day.