Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vintage Wedding Inspiration ~ Grace Kelly

{image from, photography by Howell Conant and Life Magazine}

On the eve of the 52nd wedding anniversary (The civil ceremony was on April 18, 1956, the formal ceremony was the next day.), I thought it would be most appropriate to highlight our most beloved American actress, Grace Kelly.

Helen Rose , the wedding gown designer and MGM costume designer thought the formal gown should reflect the actress' personality—"simple but elegant, feminine, ladylike but not necessarily regal," and that Miss Kelly's dress should "not overpower her beauty." (very smart advice for all brides if you ask Millie). The famous wedding dress has a high neck, long-sleeved bodice and was made out of Brussels lace. The "bell-shaped" silk faille skirt has no folds in front, but is heavily pleated in back; three petticoats and a 14-inch long skirt. (How did she move?)

The headpiece was also made of rose point lace and decorated with a wreath of delicate wax orange blossoms,(Jackie O had orange blossoms?) leaves fashioned from tiny pearls, and wired lace motifs. The circular veil was also embellished with rose point lace motifs, including two tiny lovebirds, and accented with seed pearls. Her prayer book and shoes were also encrusted with lace and seed pearls.

I'm loving all the tiny details on the whole wedding ensemble, and how about those tiny, delicate buttons up the front of the dress? I love buttons! Though, I'm not sure how comfortable this dress was- long sleeves are usually so uncomfortable. She wore it well and the style became a huge hit in the bridal fashion world during that time.

If you have a little time, you have to watch these!!! Can you image your wedding being covered like this??? Crazy!!!

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