Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who is this chic named MILLIE????

Okay, after I read the always inspirational Perfect Bound's response to my "6 things about you" tag (Thank you for responding and the link!) I realized first, I totally cheated and number two, how come I can't be that creative??? It's not fair for one person to have that much creativity...Share the love Perfect Bound, share the love!!! Seriously, I really love that woman...I mean, I think we were separated at birth...It must be an Italian thing?? I'll work on my list; until then, here's a little ditty about MILLIE.

You might be shocked, but my name is not MILLIE....This is MILLIE with her three girls; my mom, Judy, is the oldest.

Mildred Shrum to be exact, is my grandmother and my mother's inspiration for the name of her bridal gown collection, 'bridal fashion by MILLIE'. In fact, all of the gowns are named after special women in my mother's life. Kinda sweet huh!?? The granddaughters get a kick out of it!

As you may have guessed, we are extremely family-oriented...Family always comes first. My mother, Judy Panozzo (and may I say she is amazing?), gave birth and raised 7 beautiful children...yes 7 (I'm the baby). Being a go-getter..she not only stayed home and raised her kids, but she always had something going on the side....if it wasn't "Desserts by Judy" she was selling beauty products and if she wasn't selling beauty products she was cutting someone's hair....The list goes on... To tell you the truth, I'm not sure how many jobs she has had. Her motivation and determination might make one sick..... Tell me, why do some people have it and some people don't?

I could write a whole book about my mother, but I won't keep you here all day.... I think this will be a new label.....WHO IS MILLIE? We'll start off slowly... Have a good one and think positive!


perfect bound said...

Ciao Bella! You should do a Registry Bliss! I would love to see which 5 items you'd pick!!

bridal fashion by MILLIE said...

Only 5??? HA! Way too much fun....

Jenna said...

I swear your grandmother looks just like a mix of my Mom and my Grandma at that age. And you never told me your were Italian?!?!?! I am posting about the dress right now, I should have it up in about 20 minutes!