Monday, May 12, 2008

Jenna Bush Wedding

FINALLY! A picture of the gorgeous Oscar de le Renta gown Ms. Henry Hager (Jenna Bush) wore for her wedding nuptials on May 10, 2008.

She wore a v-neck, beaded organza gown. Though I was surprised she went with a lot of beading, she seems to pull it off nicely and the style of the dress fits the curves of her body just right. Another surprise would be that she didn't wear a veil????

It looked like a small, simple, family-orientated yet elegant wedding. Like I said before, she very well could have been a MILLIE bride.

On a side note, Designing MILLIE received 800 hits yesterday! Wondering why in the world?? I did a bit of research and realized when someone looks up "Jenna Bush Wedding Gown" on Google Images the sketch of the gown my mother designed for Jenna appears....Please read my post about Jenna Bush's Wedding Gown to find out what this sketch was all about!


Christy B Anderson Photography said...

Excellent! :)

I wonder who her photog was. :)
I had to turn her down as I had a previous engagement! If only she had been a week earlier. *wink wink*

style-ish said...

I agree with you about the beading. It's a lot but she really pulls it off.

I love her simple hairstyle and no veil.